Painting entitled "Balance" mixed media 37" x 49"

About the Artist

As a contemporary artist my work is punctuated with a love for both old and new imagery. Traveling and learning about other cultures is a passion, and I am especially fascinated by countries with a long tradition of fine craft. It feels like an artist meeting another artist when I discover patterns and symbols in the art or architecture of other cultures. I am amazed at how often these same forms reappear in many societies across time and distance. 

I have been experimenting and working as a painter, printmaker and sculptor for over thirty years. An artist’s education never ends and mine has been informed by practice, travel, and my native love of Colorado. Colorado’s distinct environment, with its clarity of light and the openness of space, is central to the way I see my surroundings. 

Layered color, texture and pattern are always important ingredients in my work. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary or not, my hope is that you discover new images and reflections in these layers each time you view the piece. The combination of organic and geometric lines in my pieces are often influenced by symbols and icons I find in my travels---for me that’s when something very creative is unleashed. My work is a mix of carefully-studied technique and the magic that happens when something spontaneous occurs in the studio.